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Stearns High School International Summer Program

Stearns High School International Summer Program provides students with an incredible range of stimulating and creative activities.

Our educators use an integrated curriculum approach, combing classroom instruction with real-world English speaking, reading and writing experiences that take place both indoors and outdoors.

The days are educational and fun, as we combine English instruction in the morning followed by various outdoor recreation activities in the afternoon. This gives the students a perfect opportunity to APPLY and PRACTICE their English language skills.

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Class Description

English Language Learning - Written

Designed specifically for our international students, this course incorporates both reading and writing skills to develop your proficiency in written English. You will expand your vocabulary, study English grammar, improve your reading comprehension, and practice writing across different genres (narrative, informational, and persuasive). Varied and engaging texts will be chosen to meet your individual skills and needs. The skills in this course will help you with both classroom English and practical, everyday English. The afternoon activities will give you additional exposure to written English that will supplement the coursework for ELL-Written.

English Language Learning - Oral

This class will focus on both listening and speaking, to help you feel comfortable talking to others in English and get the most out of your conversations. With our focus on practical skills, as well as our engaging activities and games, your skills will grow rapidly. We'll continue to practice and develop your speaking and listening skills throughout the day during our trips and adventures.

Social Studies

Designed for our international students, Social Studies will focus on the history and geography of Maine. Using skills learned from our English Language Learning classes, students will be able to compare our history and geography with their own experiences back home.

Environmental Science

The lessons cover a broad scope of topics including ecology, the biosphere, land, forests and soil, water, energy and resources. 

Some of the goals of the course include: Understanding how systems in the natural world are interconnected.


The photography part of the class covers the basics of a typical Digital Single Lens Reflex type of camera.  Students will learn about the components of the camera and when to use the various settings to get the best images.  They'll also learn about design principles, such as balance, interesting lines, rule of thirds, perspective and other techniques that professionals use to capture the most intriguing photos.  They will then capture photos during their entire stay and use them in the presentations at the end of the summer program. 

SLR cameras are welcome, but not required. Cell phone cameras are acceptable.  

Kayaking 2018 IMG_5062.jpg

Outdoor Activities

Like everything we offer at Stearns High School International Summer Camp, our outdoor activities program encourages students to get out of their comfort zones and embrace new challenges. 

Students will experience:

whitewater rafting


a day at the ocean

outdoor photography

ice caves adventure hike

University of Maine tour

Maine history tour

rock climbing adventures

rope course

basketball tournament

bonfire & s'mores

trivia night

katahdincolors copy.png


Monday - Friday:

Breakfast 8am - 9am
Class Instruction (held on campsite or at Stearns High School) 9am - 11am

Lunch (various locations) 11am - 12pm

Outdoor Activity (various locations) 12pm - ending time will vary depending on activity

Weekends will be open for students to enjoy free time

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